Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
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EXOTIC (WILD) SPECIES - Black-winged Ground Dove (Metriopelia melanoptera)

Description: Male: The body is basically a tannish-gray with shading that is nearly the color of raw umber. The body processes a pinkish sheen in the sunlight. Two snow-white patches adorn each shoulder and along the edge of the underwing. The primary wing feathers and the outer secondaries as well as most of the underwings are lamp black. The tail feathers are Payne's gray, shading to black. The throat is a soft pale pink and nearly white. The pale pinkish color extends on the belly and ends nearly pale gray at the vent. The eyes are so unique and very stricking. The eyes are bright green in some individuals while others may have pale blue or soft violet. Each eye is outlined in a bright red ring. The skin surrounding the eyes is very bright orangish-yellow, gold or sometimes salmon pink. Legs and feet are very dark raw umber or even lampblack.

The female is nearly identical to the male except she has less pink sheen and the orbital skin is less brighter than on the male.

Thanks to Tony Brancato for his help with this page.

Other Names:

Chirping Dove


Natural Habitat:

Status in Wild: This specie inhabits temperate zones in a variety of South American countries. They range from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, and as far south as Argentina. Their favorite areas are in wooded hillsides. However they are also found in lesser numbers in arid and scrub environments. Black-winged ground doves are migratory. They migrate to lower elevations in winter and even to coastal areas. It is not terribly uncommon to see these delightful doves in small flocks in villages and farms.


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