The dove pictured above is "Elvis", the Columbary Mascot. Elvis is a Tufted Orange Whiteback Silky Ringneck Dove

Columbary: (n.) A dovecote; a pigeon house.

Welcome to The Columbary, a personal website about my Doves and Pigeons, as well as the name of my aviary. Take some time, look around, enjoy the pictures and information.

I won't attempt to recreate the great care and information sites available on the internet, I'll just refer you to them with a few comments of my own here and there. My Links page can direct you to much more information about each type of bird.

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer have any doves, as real life (new job, etc) have taken priority. I'm leaving this site up for information purposes only. If you want to buy a dove, contact the ADA or one of the breeders noted on

Thank you.


Worried about Avian Flu? To date, it is a NON-ISSUE in North America.
Doves and Pigeons, in general, are not susceptible to Avian Flu (click here for more info)

Some 'common sense' Avian Influenza links

Avian Influenza: Current Situation

BirdNet: Avian Influenza

BioSecurity for the Birds

** Disclaimer: Please note that the name 'Columbary' has no religious or faith connotations in this website. I am not a religious person, and chose the name soley due to its original definition. Thank you **

Welcome to The Columbary
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