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Doves are very easy to keep and breed. This section offers basic information regarding food, water, housing, cleanliness and breeding.
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Many people ask where and how to purchase doves. This section is a listing of breeders who offer doves for sale and would be happy to ship them right to your door!
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RINGNECK DOVES (Streptopelia risoria) are by far the most commonly kept dove as pets and in aviaries with over 40 recognized colors and varieties including the popular white dove! Click for more info

DIAMOND DOVES (Geopelia cuneata) are a very small dove species, not much bigger than a common sparrow, and second only to Ringnecks in popularity.
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EXOTIC DOVES & WILD PIGEONS There are over 300 species of doves in the world and many of them are kept in public and private aviaries throughout United States.
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BOOK OFFER: Ringneck Doves: A Handbook of Care and Breeding by Wade Oliver
72 page full-color guide for owners of Ringneck Doves - Including information about White Doves. Only $24.95 w/FREE SHIPPING
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